TablEdit Files Added!

TablEdit Files Added!

Dennis Harris sent in a TablEdit tip sheet that will help people new to the program.

I also took this opportunity to add a blank TablEdit TEF file that is already setup for DAd dulcimer. You can find links to both files below. They are also located at the top of the main tablature page.

TEF tip sheet: TEF
Blank TEF file: TEF

Stay safe and keep on playin’!

New Dulcimer Tablature Added!

New Dulcimer Tablature Added!

Carl Wagoner has shared his arrangement of Vivaldi’s Lute Concerto in D.

Carl says: “I transcribed and arranged the thematic section of Vivaldi’s Largo Movement from his Lute Concerto in D.”

Get the files here: PDF | TEF | MID

Or visit the Tablature pages for this and hundreds more dulcimer arrangements!

Stay safe and keep on playin’.

New Tablature & Event Cancellation

New Tablature & Event Cancellation

Carl Wagoner shared is arrangement of Battle Cry of Freedom. You can find it on the Tablature page, or directly by clicking here.

Edit: I corrected a bad link above.

Event Cancellation: The Gateway Dulcimer Music Festival in Fairview Heights, Illinois for 2020 has been rescheduled to 2021. The dates are August 5th to August 8th

Please contact any festival you plan to attend and make sure it hasn’t been cancelled.

Stay safe and well.