Tablature List

Tablature List

*Please note that this tablature page can display up to 1,500 items per page. Thanks to all who have submitted arrangements, we have surpassed this number! If you use the Search box, it will search everything, but if you want to scroll through the entire list, please click the Next button at the bottom of the list.

Song TitleSubmitterTuningFiles
TablEdit Tip SheetDennis HarrisTEF
Blank TablEdit Sheet (Setup for DAD)Kevin TeagueTEF
100 PipersBurt KahnDADPDF
A Bicycle Built for TwoBurt KahnDADPDF
A Blue Ridge SpringBurt KahnDADPDF
A Bulgarian DancePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
A Bunch of ThymePaul DingleDADPDF
A Child This Day Is BornBurt KahnDADPDF
A Christmas MedleyRobert SuttonDADPDF
A Cradle CarolBurt KahnDADPDF
A La Claire FontaineSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
A la puerto del cieloBurt KahnDADPDF
A Mighty Fortress Is Our GodBurt KahnDADPDF
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (in G)Burt KahnDADPDF
A Mighty Fortress is Our GodRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
A Mother's LullabyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
A Mountain Valley Patchwork QuiltPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
A New Year's Jig (Auld Lang Syne)Burt KahnDADPDF
A New Year's Waltz (Ault Lang Syn)Burt KahnDADPDF
A Scottish LullabyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
A Virgin Most PureBurt KahnDADPDF
A Warm Bearskin on a Cold NightPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
AberystwythJeff HansenDACPDF
AberystwythDennis HarrisDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Abide With MeAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
Abide With MeBurt KahnDADPDF
Abide With Us O LordSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Abigail JudgeLaura SageCGCPDF
Acapulco SunrisePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
AdagioBurt KahnDADPDF
Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait DanserSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Ain't Nobody KnowsDavid HootenDADPDF
Alas And Did My Savior BleedAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
All Around My HatBarnes GuglemanDADPDF TEF
All Children Are On Christmas EveBurt KahnDADPDF
All in a Garden GreenDingleDADPDF TEF
All in a Garden GreenSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
All Praise To TheeJeff HansenDADPDF
All the Good TimesSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
All the Pretty HorsesDingleDADPDF TEF
All The Way My Savior Leads MeAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
All the Way My Savior Leads Mebesh27DAD & DAAPDF
All This Night Bright Angels SingBurt KahnDADPDF
All Those Endearing Young CharmsBurt KahnDADPDF
All Through the NightMerileeDADPDF
All Through the Night (G)Lynna JacksonDADPDF
Alle Jahre WiederBurt KahnDADPDF
Alle Jahre wiederCarsten EichentopfDADPDF
Alle Vogel Sindt Shoen DaBurt KahnDADPDF
Alle Vö gel sind schon daPeter WidenmeyerDADPDF | TEF
AllendalePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Alles neu macht der MaiPeter WidenmeyerDADPDF | TEF
Alouette (Round)Burt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
AlouetteBurt KahnDADPDF
Alphabet SongrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Alpine Rose WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Am I A Soldier Of The CrossAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Amazing Grace (4 Parts)Burt KahnDADPDF
Amazing GracerlwalkerDADPDF
Amazing GraceSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Amazing GraceRon ZuckermanDAD & DAAPDF
Amazing GraceAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Amazing GraceMandy TynerDAAPDF
AmericaBurt KahnDADPDF
America The BeautifulrlwalkerDADPDF
America the BeautifulRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Amhran A LeabhairBurt KahnDADPDF
Amser TimeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Amid The SilenceBurt KahnDADPDF
An Boithrin Bui (The Yellow Road)Burt KahnDADPDF
An Emigrant's Daughter (A minor)Burt KahnDADPDF
An Emigrant's Daughter (B minor)Burt KahnDADPDF
An Evening PrayerDavid HootenDADPDF
And Can It Be That I Should Gain?David HootenDADPDF
And Can It Be That I Should Gain? (Amazing Love)Greg PattersonDAAPDF
Andrews TarnPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Angel BandRobert SuttonDADPDF
Angels LullabyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Angelina Bakerbruce_testDADPDF | Listen!
Angelina Bakern/aDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Angeline the BakerSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Angeline the BakerJimKDGDPDF | Listen!
Angels from the Realms of GloryJeff HansenDADPDF
Angels We Have Heard On HighPandryDADPDF | TEF
Anna Maria Island Waltz (Melody)Burt KahnDADPDF
Anna Maria Island Waltz (Harmony)Burt KahnDADPDF
Anne's WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Annie LaurieZanettiDADPDF
Antrim HillsSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Appalachian SunrisePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Appalachian TrailsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Apple BlossomChris ClarkDADPDF | Listen!
Apple Blossom TimePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
April LullabyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Ar Erin Ni Neos fainn Ce HiDingleDADPDF
Ar Hyd Y NosJeff HansenDGDPDF
Aragon MillRobert SuttonDADPDF
Are You Washed in the BloodRobert SuttonDADPDF
ArfonJeff HansenDGDPDF
Arirangbesh27DAD & DAAPDF
Arkansas TravlerRobert SuttonDADPDF
Arkansas TravelerJimKDADPDF | Listen!
Around Her Neck She Wore A Yellow RibbonSteve SmithDAAPDF | Listen!
Around Her Neck She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - MixolydianSteve SmithDADPDF | Listen!
Around the Next BendPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Around We GoPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Aran Boat SongBurt KahnDADPDF
Aran Boat Song (Low)Burt KahnDADPDF
Arkansas TravelerBurt KahnDADPDF
Arran Boat SongMarthe E.DADDPDF | Listen!
Arran Boat Song with HarmonyDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Arru NinoSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
As I Went Down In The Valley To PrayBurt KahnDADPDF
As I Went Down In The Valley To PrayrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
As Joseph Was A-WalkingBurt KahnDADPDF
As The Sun Doth Daily RiseSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
As We Gather Around the TableDavid HootenDADPDF
As with Gladness Men of OldJeff HansenDGDPDF
Ash GroveDonald OlahDADPDF
Ash GroveJeff HansenDGDPDF
Aspen Meadows WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
AspenglowPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
At CalvaryDavid HootenDADPDF
At Calvarybesh27DAD & DAAPDF
At The FairPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
A Tholl GatheringSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Auld Lang Syne (3 parts)Burt KahnDADPDF
Auld Lang SyneMichael HarrisDADPDF
Auld Lang SyneRobert SuttonDADPDF
Auld Lang Syne (In G)Burt KahnDADPDF
Auld Lang SyneBurt KahnDADPDF
Aupr ès de ma blondeDusty ThorburnDADPDF
Aura LeeBurt KahnDADPDF
Aura LeeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Aura LeeRon ZuckermanDADPDF | Listen!
Ava MariaBurt KahnDADPDF
Avenging and BrightBurt KahnDADPDF
Away to RioSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Ay Ay AySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
AylesburyBurt KahnDADPDF
B-I-N-G-OrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Ba Huangshan Bianchen fu CunzhuBurt KahnDADPDF
Babes in the WoodsJimKDADPDF | Listen!
Baidin FheldimiRon CrosswhiteDADPDF | TEF
Bailiff's Daughter of IslingtonSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Bamboo FluteBurt KahnDADPDF
Banana Boat SongJak StallingsDADPDF
Banish MisfortunebjbplayerDADPDF
Banks of AllanSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Banks of the OhiorlwalkerDADPDF
Banks of the OhioSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Banks of the OhioRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Banks of the SacramentoSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Barbara AllenSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Barbara AllenRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
BarcarolleBurt KahnDADPDF
Barefoot CreekPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Barlow KnifeBen DoogeDADPDF | Listen!
Barlow KnifeButch RossDADPDF
Barn RaisingPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Barney and KateySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Battle Cry of FreedomCarl WagonerDADPDF
Battle Cry of FreedomrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Battle Hymn of the RepublicrlwalkerDADPDF
Battle Hymn of the RepublicRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Be Still My SoulAlan BarnardDADPDF
Be Still My SoulWalker JohnsonDADPDF
Be Stil My SoulAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Be Thou My VisionBurt KahnDADPDF
Be Thou My VisionDingleDADPDF | TEF
Be Thou My VisionAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Be Thou My VisionJimKDAAPDF | Listen!
Be Thou My VisionRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Beach SpringBurt KahnDADPDF
Beaumont RagDwight SuttonDADPDF | Listen!
Beaver MeadowsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Beautiful DreamerrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Beautiful DreamerRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Beautiful Isle of SomewhereDavid HootenDADPDF
Beautiful Star of BethlehemA L PhippsDADPDF
Beautiful Star of BethlehemCarl WagonerDADPDF
Beautiful Beautiful Brown EyesrlwalkerDADPDF
Bedfordshire May Day CarolDave HoletonDAA and DADPDF | Listen!
Been to the East, Been To The WestSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Beethovens Fifth Symphony (Opening)Ben D'OogeDADPDF | Listen!
BeggarSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Believe Me if All those Endearing Young CharmsBurt KahnDADPDF
Belle of Belfast CityBurt KahnDADPDF
Bells of Saint Mary'sRobert SuttonDADPDF
Beneath a Clouded SkyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Berwick JockeySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Betlehem Kis Falucskaban (In The Small Village of Bethlehem)Burt KahnDADPDF
Beulah Landbesh27DADPDF
Beware, Oh, Take CareSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Big Rock Candy MountainJimKDADPDF | Listen!
Bile Dem Cabbage 'til the Pot Goes DryPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Billy BarlowSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Billy BoyDingleDADPDF | TEF
Bind Us TogetherBurt KahnDADPDF
Biscuits With GravyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Bittersweet Memories (Dulcimer1)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF
Bittersweet Memories (Dulcimer2)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF
Bittersweet Memories ( Guitar)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF
Bj ørnen SoverSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Black and TanPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Black-Eyed SusieLaneah MaddoxDGDPDF
Black is the Color of My True Love's HairDave HoletonCGCPDF
Black Mountain RagSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Black Mountain RagRon ZuckermanDADPDF
Black Mountain Rag v1Sr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
Black Mountain Rag v2Sr. Margaret MarryDADPDF
Black Velvet BandGWentlandDADPDF TEF | Listen!
Blackberry BlossomRobert SuttonDADPDF
Blackberry BlossomDwight SuttonDADPDF | Listen!
Blackberry WinterRobert SuttonDADPDF
Blackest CrowBurt KahnDADPDF
Blank Tablature PageSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Bless Be The Tie That BindsRobert SuttonDADPDF | TEF
Blessed AssuranceBurt KahnDADPDF
Blessed AssuranceRobert SuttonDADPDF
Blessed Assurance - IonianAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Blind MaryGwen CaeliDADPDF | Listen!
Blind MarySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Bloomfield LeavesKristin SlaughterDADPDF
Blow the Candles OutPam DeemerDADPDF | TEF
Blow The Man DownBurt KahnDADPDF
Blow, Boys, BlowSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Blue Danube WaltzBurt KahnDADPDF
Blue JuniatarlwalkerDADPDF
Blue Ridge DreamsBurt KahnDADPDF
Board-Walker's WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
BoatmanRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Bobbles and BramblesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Boil Them Cabbage Down - ImprovBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Boil Them Cabbage DownrlwalkerDADPDF
Boil Them Cabbage DownSr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
Bold PeddlerSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Bold RileySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Bonaparte Crossing The RhinebjbplayerDAD TEF
Bonaparte's RetreatCarolyn ArringtonDADPDF
BoneySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Bonnie DoonrlwalkerDADPDF
Booth Shot LincolnDanny SharonDADPDF
Botany BayBurt KahnDADPDF
Bottomland WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
BoulavogueSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Bouncing Down Those Bumpy Roads of LifePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
BourreeDingleDADPDF | TEF
Boys of Blue hillrlwalkerDADPDF
BradySteve SmithDAAPDF | Listen!
BradySteve SmithDADPDF | Listen!
Brahms LullabyAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
BrandywinePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Branle de BourgogneSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Bread with Butter and JamPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Breathe On Me Breath of GodDavid HootenDADPDF
Breathe On Me Breath of GodCarl WagonerDADPDF
Brethren We Have Met To WorshipAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Brian Boru's March - BmBurt KahnDADPDF
Brian Boru's MarchRobert SuttonDADPDF | Listen!
Briar Patch LanePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Bridal JigBurt KahnDADPDF
Bridget O'MalleyBurt KahnDADPDF
Bridget O'MalleyBen D'OogeDADPDF | Listen! v1 | Listen! v2 | Listen! v3 | Listen! v4
Brindley Mountain ReelRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Bring a Torch Good ChristianAlan BarnardDADPDF
Bring A Torch Jeanette IsabellaBurt KahnDADPDF
Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella (in G)Burt KahnDADPDF
Bringing In The SheavesDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Brown EyesSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Bruach Na Carraige BaineBurt KahnDADPDF
Brushy Fork Of John's CreekPhil MyersDADPDF | Listen!
Bryn CalfariaBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Bryn CalfariaDennis HansenDGCPDF | TEF | Listen!
Bryn CalfariaJeff HansenDGDPDF
Buachaillon EirneDingleDADPDF
Bubbling UpPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Buck Eyed RabbitRobert SuttonDADPDF
Buck-Eyed JimSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | TEF | Listen!
Buffalo BoySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Bullfrog JunctionPaul SykesDAAandDADPDF | Listen!
Bully of the TownDwight SuttonDAEPDF | Listen!
Bury Me Beneath the WillowRobert SuttonDADPDF
Butcher BoyGeorge ShearinDADPDF | Listen!
Butter'd PeaseSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Butcher's HollerPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Butter Beans and Turnip GreensPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Butterfly WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
By the Light of the Silvery MoonMaureen SellersDADPDF
By The Silvery Rio GrandeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Bye Bye My Honey I'm GoneDavid HootenDADPDF
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Cabbage and NoodlesDebyDADPDF
Cajun JigBurt KahnDADPDF
Cajun Two-StepBurt KahnDADPDF
Cajun WaltzRobert SuttonDADPDF
Calon Lan (Round The Lord In Glory Seated)Burt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Camp Meeting on the 4th of JulyBurt KahnDADPDF
Camptown CabbageBurt KahnDADPDF
Camptown JigBurt KahnDADPDF
Camptown RacesrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Camptown Races - ChromaticMandy TynerDAAPDF
Camptown WaltzBurt KahnDADPDF
Canadien ErrantSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Candlemas Eve CarolBurt KahnDADPDF
Cannon's Land 1Robert SuttonDADPDF
Cannon's Land 2Robert SuttonDADPDF
CanonSr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
Cape Cod GirlsSylvia WhiteDADPDF | TEF
Careless LoveSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Carmina BuranaEvan OBannonDADDPDF
Carnival Clowns and Prancing PoniesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Carol Of The BellsCarl WagonerDADPDF
Carol Of The BellsDave HoletonCGCPDF | Listen!
Carol of the BellsRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Carol of the HayBurt KahnDADPDF
Carol Of The HaySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Carolan's DreamBurt KahnDADPDF
Carolina MoonPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
CarouselPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Carry Me Back to Old ViginnyDingleDADPDF
Carry Me Back to Old ViginnyDingleDADPDF
CascadesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Castle By The SeaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Castle By The Sea (Spanish)Steve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Castle of DromoreBrian BarnesDAD TEF
Catfish And CornbreadPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Catherine MartinDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Celebrated Trumpet TuneSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Chad Gadyo (One Little Goat)Burt KahnDADPDF
Chained MelodyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Chairs to MendSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
CharityDave MessengerDADPDF
Chasing DreamsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Cherry Blossom TimePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Cherryvale WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Cherokee Mountain GapPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Cherokee ShuffleBen D'OogeDADPDF | Listen!
Cherokee ShuffleRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Cherokee SunriseBurt KahnDADPDF
ChesterSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
ChildgrovePam DeemerDADPDF | TEF
ChildhoodPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Chili Peppers with Chocolate SaucePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Chinquapin HuntingJim MillerDAD TEF
ChopsticksSr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
Chord Aid- Chords with FingeringSteve SmithDADPDF
Chord Aid- Putting Chords to NotesSteve SmithDADPDF
Chord Chart DAA MajorSteve SmithDAAPDF
Chord Chart DAA MinorSteve SmithDAAPDF
Chord Chart DAD MajorSteve SmithDADPDF
Chord Chart DAD MinorSteve SmithDADPDF
Chord chart for AEA tuningSteve SmithAEAPDF
Choucoune (Ti Zwazo)Dusty ThrburnDADPDF | TEF
Christ AroseGreg PattersonDADPDF
Christ the Lord is Risen TodayRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Christ The Lord Is Risen TodayBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today - LowBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Christmas EveSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Christmas Is ComingSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Christmas JoyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Christmas MedleyRobert SuttonDAD TEF
Christmas SongSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Christmas Time's A Comin'Dan DanielsDADPDF | TEF
Church in the WildwoodGeorge ShearinDACPDF | Listen!
Church in the WildwoodRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Cielito LindoBurt KahnDADPDF
CiocarlanulBurt KahnDADPDF
Click Go the ShearsJimKDADPDF | Listen!
Cliffs of DooneenDingleDADPDF
Coast of PeruSylvia WhiteDADPDF | TEF
Cold Frosty MorningC.M. WagonerDADPDF | TEF
Cold is the MorningSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Cole YoungerSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Coleman's MarchSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
ColindaJoseph BesseDGDPDF
Collaborative CalypsoRon ZuckermanDADPDF | Listen!
Colonel BairdSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Color-coded Multiple-tuning note chartmusicoutreachDAD and othersPDF
Columbine TrailsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Columbus Stockade BluesDebbie PorterDADPDF
Come Christians Join To SingAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Come Here LordSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Come Let Us Be JoyfulSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Come Thou Almighty KingTravis RodgersDAA TEF
Come Thou Fount Of Every BlessingRobert SuttonDADPDF
Come Thou Fount Of Every BlessingAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
Come Thou Fount of Every BlessingJak StallingsDADPDF | TEF
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus- Chord MelodyJimKDADPDF | Listen!
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus- Melody DroneJim KCGFPDF | TEF
Come To The Table Of GraceBurt KahnDADPDF
Comfort Ye My PeopleJeff HansenDGDPDF
Coming and GoingPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Coming HomePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Commin' Through The RyeBurt KahnDADPDF
Commin' Through The Rye (Harmony)Burt KahnDADPDF
Common BillSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
ContemplationBurt KahnDADPDF
Coon Hunting in Moonshine HollerPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
CoplasDwight SuttonDADPDF | Listen!
Corcoran's CrossRed Dog JamDADPDF
Cornbread and Black-Eyed PeasPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Cosher Baileys EngineSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Cossack LullabyBurt KahnDADPDF
Cotton Candy WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Cotton Mill GirlsSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Counting Your Blessings Instead of WoesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Coventry CarolBurt KahnDADPDF
Coventry Caroln/aDADPDF | Listen!
Coventry CarolAlan BarnardDADPDF
Covered Bridge WaltzRobert SuttonDADPDF | TEF
Cowboy's WaltzBurt KahnDADPDF
Cowboy Hats and Leather ChapsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
CrabwalkAndreasDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
CraneBurt KahnDADPDF
Crawdad Songtest_bruceDAD & DAAPDF
Creag GhuanachDave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
Creag Ghuanach (Noter)Dave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
Creag Ghuanach Dave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Crested HensBen D'OogeDADPDF | Listen! | Listen!
Cricket CreekPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Cripple CreekSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Crockett's HoneymoonBen D'OogeDADPDF | Listen! | Listen!
Crow Fish ManSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Crown Him with Many CrownsGreg PattersonDADPDF
Cruel WarSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Cryderville JailSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Cumberland GapPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Cumberland GapSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Cwm RhonddaJeff HansonDGDPDF
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Da Slokit LightBurt KahnDADPDF
Dan The CobblerbjbplayerDADPDF
Dancing with FirefliesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Danny BoyRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)Ken BeersDADPDF
Dark EyesrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Darkness Before DawnPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Darktown Strutters' BallRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Darlin' CoreyJimKDADPDF | Listen!
Darling AnnabellaPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Dat du mien leevsten buestCarsten EichentopfDADPDF
DawnPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Dawning of the DayBurt KahnDADPDF
Dawning of the DayBurt KahnDADPDF
Dawning of the DaySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Dawning of the DayGwen caeliDADPDF | Listen!
DaydreamingPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Deceivèd GirlSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Deck The HallsrlwalkerDADPDF
Deep Elem BluesRobert SuttonDADPDF
Deep RiverBurt KahnDADPDF
DeliaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Den Signade DagSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Devil Ate the GroundhogChris ClarkDADPDF | Listen!
Did You Ever See A LassierlwalkerDADPDF
Dingle RegattaDingleDADTEF
Dives and LazarusSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
DixierlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Dixie BlossomsDavid HootenDADPDF
Dixie's LamentBurt KahnDADPDF
Do LordbjbplayerDADPDF
Do Pity My CaseSteve SmithDADPDF
Dog Treed A Possum Up A White Oak TreebjbplayerDADPDF
Don't You Weep After MeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Dona Nobis PacemBurt KahnDADPDF
Dona Nobis PacemJak StallingsDADPDF | TEF
Donald Mac GillavryBlake ThorntonDADPDF
Donkey RidingSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Double Dutch JumpingPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Down by the Sally GardensBurt KahnDADPDF
Down by the Salley GardenDave HolestonotherPDF
Down by the Sally GardenRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Down In The River To PrayBurt KahnDADPDF
Down in the ValleyRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Down The Rabbit HolePaul SykesDADPDF | Listen!
Down To The River To PrayBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Down YonderTullDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
DoxologyJim RobertsonDADPDF
DoxologyJim FranklinDADTEF
DreadnoughtSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Dreams Long AgoPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Dreidel SongSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Drifting Too Far From The ShoreSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Drink To Me OnlySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Drunkard's HellSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Drowsy MaggieDennis HarrisDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Du Du Liegst Mir Im HerzenSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Du Du Liegst Mir Im HerzenDave HoletonDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Duck of the MeadowSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
DudulasBurt KahnDADPDF
Duermete Nino Lindo (Sleep Beautiful Boy)Steve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Dulcimer BluesSr. Margaret maryDADPDF
Dulcimer BoogieBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Dulcimer Tab PageSr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
Dulcimers DelightPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Dysfunction JunctionPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
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Each Step I TakeDavid HootenDADPDF
Eagle's WhistleSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Early One MorningSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
East VirginiaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Easter HymnMartha EDADPDF | Listen!
EbenezerJeff HansenDADPDF
Echoes from Heavenbesh2yDAD & DAAPDF
Ein Hund lief in die KcheCarsten EichentopfDADPDF
El Condor PasaMusicOutreachDACPDF
Eleanor Plunkettdonalnd O lahDADPDF
ElkinsBen D'OogeDADPDF | Listen! | Listen! | Listen!
En Passant par la LorraineSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
En Passant par la LorraineSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Endless SunsetPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Engine 143Steve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
English Country GardenSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Er Is Een Kindeke Geboran Op AardSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Everybody Loves Saturday NightSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Expectation WaltzBurt KahnDADPDF
Expectation WaltzBurt KahnDADPDF
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Fa la nanaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Fa la nanaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Factory GirlSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Fair and Tender LadiesSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Fairest Lord JesusRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Fairest Lord JesusAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Fairhaven BoundPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Fais Dodo (Go To Sleep)Steve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Faith Of Our FathersBurt KahnDADPDF
Faith Of Our FathersAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
FandangoPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Fare Thee Well My Own True Love (Melody & Harmony)Burt KahnDADPDF
Farewell to TarwathieSheila StrongDADPDF | TEF
Farewell To WhiskeyPhil myersDADPDF | Listen!
Farmer In The DellrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Farther AlongSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Farther AlongRon ZuckermanDADPDF TEF | Listen!
Fast Flowin' RiverRon ZuckermanDAAPDF | Listen!
Fast Flowin' River( Guitar Tab)Ron ZuckermanDAAPDF
Father FatherSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Father Halperin's Top CoatSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Father O'Flynn (in G)Burt KahnDADPDF
Father O'FlynnBurt KahnDADPDF
Feed Her Candy And Tell Her Lies- CompleteSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Feed Her Candy And Tell Her Lies- SimplifiedSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Field of HayDave HoletonEBGPDF | Listen!
Fields of AthenryCarl M. WagonerDADPDF
Finlandia - Be Still My SoulBurt KahnDADPDF
Finlandia- Be Still My SoulSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Fire Down BelowSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
First NoelrlwalkerDADPDF
First NoelSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Fisher's HornpipeKevin TeagueDADPDF | Listen!
Fisher's HornpipeRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Five Pound PossumRobert SuttonDADPDF
Floating Down the MississippiPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Floating Down the River on a RaftPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Floating Logs DownstreamPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Flop Eared MulePhil MyersDADPDF | Listen!
Florida Crackers WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Flowers of Edinburgh (key of G)Ben D'OogeDADPDF | Listen! | Listen! | Listen!
Flowers of EdinburghDulcimerbuilderDADPDF
Fly Around My Pretty Little MissRobert SuttonDADPDF
Foggy Dew- Basic MelodyCheryl JamesDADPDF
Foggy Dew w/ RhythmCheryl JamesDADPDF
Foggy Dew with Simple ChordsCheryl JamesDADPDF
Follow the Drinking GourdTullDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Foothills Deer ChasePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
For Those In Peril On The SearlwalkerDADPDF
For The Beauty Of The EarthAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
For You Are HolyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Four In The MiddleSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Four MarysSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
FourthsAndreasDADPDF | TEF
Free AmericaRobert SuttonDADPDF
Frere Jacques (round)Burt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Frere Jacques/Are You Sleeping/Brother JohnKen HDAD & DAAPDF
Froggie Went A Courtin'rlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
From Depths of Woe I Cry to TheeJeff HansenEBCPDF
From Heaven Above to Earth I ComeJeff HansenDADPDF
From Night Till MornSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Front Porch JammingPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Fur EliseBurt KahnDADPDF
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Gabriel's Messagen/aDADPDF | Listen!
Gaelic AirDingle TEF
Gaily The TroubadourSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Gallatin StreetPaul Sykes DAAPDF | Listen!
Gary OwenBurt KahnDADPDF
GaudetePam DeemerDADPDF
Generous WomanSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Gentle AnnierlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Gentle Maidens' WaltzPaul SykesDAA andDADPDF | Listen!
Gentle Mountain BreezesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Gently Johnny My JingaloJim Kuder - For SusanDADPDF | Listen!
Geordie (Four String Version)Steve SmithDACPDF
George CollinsSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Ghost of the WellRon ZuckermanDADPDF
Git Along, Little DogiesBen D'OogeDADPDF | Listen!
Give Me That Old Time ReligionBurt KahnDADPDF
Give Me Your HandJudith GiddingsDADPDF | TEF
Give Your Heart To JesusJeff CurtisDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Gloucester ShoresPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Go Down MosesBurt KahnDADPDF
Go Tell Aunt RhodyMandy TynerDAAJPG
Go Tell It On The MountainrlwalkerDADPDF
Go Tell It on the MountainRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Go To SleepySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
God Be With You Til We Meet AgainAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
God Bless AmericaBurt KahnDADPDF
God Loves Me DearlyJim KDADPDF | Listen!
God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenButch RossDADPDF | TEF
God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenAlan BarnardDADPDF
God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenRobert SuttonDADPDF
God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenSam and Rhoda GreeneDADPDF
God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenRon ZuckermanDACPDF | TEF
Goin Down The Road Feelin BadSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Going Down To CairobjbplayerDADPDF
Going Nuts Over Almonds and CashewsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Going HomeBen D'OogeDADPDF | MID
Going HomeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Gold Watch & ChainRobert SuttonDADPDF
Golden SlippersRobert SuttonDADPDF
Golden YearsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Gone But Not ForgottenEvan OBannonDADPDF TEF | Listen!
Good Christian FriendsRobert SuttonDADPDF
Good King WenceslasRobert SuttonDADPDF
Good King WenceslasRobert SuttonDADPDF
Good Morning Mr. RailroadmanSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Good Night IreneBurt KahnDADPDF
Good Times with Good FriendsRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Goodbye Old PaintSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Goodbye, BrotherSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Grace Greater Than Our SinDavid HootenDADPDF
Grace Greater Than Our SinAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Grandfather's ClockDave HoletonDADPDF
Grandfather's DanceBurt KahnDADPDF
Grandma's Old Rocking ChairPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Granny Does Your Dog BitePhil MyersDADPDF | Listen!
Great Big Taters in Sandy LandSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Great GranddadSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Great Is Thy FaithfulnessBurt KahnDADPDF
Great Is Thy FaithfulnessDavid HootenDADPDF
Green BedDave HoletonCGBbPDF | Listen!
Green BedDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Green BedDave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
Green BroomSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Green FieldsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Green WillisDulcimerbuilderDADPDF
Green Wood TreeMaureen SellersDADPDF
GreensleevesPatricia DelichDADPDF
GreensleevesPatricia DelichDADPDF
GreensleevesRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
GrimstockSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Ground HogSr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
GroundhogDave HoletonDAD and DAEPDF | Listen!
Groundhog 2Dave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
Guide Me, O Thou Great JehovahDavid HootenDADPDF
Guide Me Now, Thou Great RedemmerBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Gute NachtSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
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Ha Na BoddachinSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hail Holy Queen Enthroned AboveDave HoletonDADPDF
Hail to the ChiefVicki StuckertDADPDF
Hallelujah I'm A Bum!Steve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hallelujah! What A SaviorAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
Hammering DownPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Hand Me Down My Walking CaneBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Hangman, Slack On The LineSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
HanoHanoBurt KahnDADPDF
Happy BirthdayUnknownDADPDF
Happy BirthdayStrum_NumbDAAListen!
Happy Christmas Comes Once MoreSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Happy LandRobert SuttonDADPDF
Happy LandRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Hard TimesSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hard Times Come Again No MoreDan DannielsDADTEF
Hard, Ain't It HardSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hark the Glad SoundJeff HansenDGDPDF
Hark the Harold Angels Sing (page1)Robert SuttonDADPDF
Hark the Harold Angels Sing (page2)Robert SuttonDADPDF
Hark The Herald Angels SingAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Hark! The Herald Angels SingJeff HansenDGDPDF
Harrison TownRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
HarvestMark HorningDADPDF
Haste to the WeddingrlwalkerDADPDF
Hatikvah (Our Hope)Burt KahnDADPDF
Haven of RestRobert SuttonDADPDF
Hawaii PonoiBurt KahnDADPDF
HaymakersSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
He is Born the Divine Christ ChildRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
He Is Worthy of Our Faith AlonePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
He Leadeth MeAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
He Leadeth MeRobert SuttonDADPDF
He Leadeth Me O Blessed ThoughtDavid HootenDADPDF
He's Aye Kissing MeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
He's Waiting In Heaven For MePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Heavenly BlessingsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Hector The HeroDennis HarrisDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Hector The HeroSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
HeeiaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
HeidenroesleinJimKDADPDF | Listen!
Helvetia WaltzGwen CaeliDADPDF
Hen Wlad Fy NhadauJeff HansenDADPDF
Here I Am Lord (in G)Burt KahnDADPDF
Here I Am LordBurt KahnDADPDF
Here Betwixt Ass and Oxen MildCarl WagonerDADPDF
Henry MartinJimKDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hey Lolly LollySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hide and SeekPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Higher GroundAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
Higher GroundDave HoletonDAAPDF
Higher Ground (keyof D)August ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
Highway to HeavenRobert SuttonDADPDF
Hiking the SummitPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Hiking Up the Trails of LifePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Hillbilly HoedownPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
His Eye is on the SparrowRobert SuttonDADTEF
His Eye Is On The SparrowAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
His Eye is on the SparrowRobert SuttonDADPDF
HobbiesSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hog Waller SwingPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Hold OnDave HoletonC-G-BbPDF
Hold The FortSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Holiday RoadsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Holly and the IvySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Holly Bears a BerryPatricia SterlingDADPDF
Holly Bears A BerrySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Holy Spirit Truth DivineSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Holy Holy HolyBurt KahnDADPDF
Holy Holy HolyAugust ElletsonDADPDF
Holy MannaBurt KahnDADPDF
Holy Manna (in G)Burt KahnDADPDF
Home on the RangeDavid HootenDADPDF
Home on the RangePeter WidenmeyerDADPDF
Home Sweet HomePeter WidenmeyerDADPDF
Homebrewed Mountain DewPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Homespun DressSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Honeysuckle RosesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Hop Light LadiesSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hopalong PeterSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hopping JohnSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
HopscotchPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Hot Cross BunsSr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
House of the Rising SunJimKDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
How Are Thy Servants Blest O LordSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
How Can I Keep From SingingDave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
How Can I Keep From SingingJimKDADPDF | Listen!
How Can I Keep From SingingRon ZuckermanDADPDF TEF | Listen!
How Firm A FoundationAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
How Great Thou ArtRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
How Lovely is Thy Dwelling PlaceSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hunting The BuffaloBurt KahnDADPDF
Hunting BuffaloButch RossDADPDF
Hunting the BuffaloJim MillerDADTEF
Huntsman's ChorusSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hurree Hurroo (A)rlwalkerDADPDF | TEF
Hurree Hurroo (D)DingleDADPDF | TEF
Huron CarolBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Hush Little BabyKenHDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Hush Little BabySr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
Huzzah For LibertySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
HyfrydolBurt Kahn DADPDF | Listen! | Listen!
HyfrydolJeff HansenDADPDF
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I Am His and He Is MineDavid HootenDADPDF
I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble HallsBurt KahnDADPDF
I Feel Peace Walking With The LordPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
I Have Decided To Follow JesusAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
I Heard the BellsRobert SuttonDADPDF
I Know Where I'm GoingSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
I Know Whom I Have BelievedAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
I Love To Tell The StoryAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
I Love You TrulyDave holetonDAAPDF | Listen!
I Never Will MarrySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
I Saw The LightButch RossDADPDF
I Smell Catfish Roasting on the CampfirePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
I Surrender AllI Surrender AllDAAPDF
I Was There To Hear Your Borning CryBurt KahnDADPDF
I Will AriseRobert SuttonDADPDF
I Will Hold You ClosePaul SykesDAAandDADPDF | Listen!
I Will UnderstandRon ZuckermanDADPDF
I Wish I Were Back in IrelandRon ZuckermanDADPDF
I Wonder As I WanderCarl WagonerDADPDF
I Wonder As I WanderPandryDADPDF | TEF
I Wonder When I Shall Be MarriedSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
I Would Be TrueDavid HootenDAAPDF
I'll Fly AwayButch RossDADPDF
I'll Fly AwaySharon DayDADPDF
I'll Remember You Love In My PrayersSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
I'm Going to GeorgiaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
I'm Just A Rebel SoldierSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
I'm Nine Hundred Miles From My HomeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
I've Been Working On The RailroadrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
I've Got No Use For WomenSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
If Cabin Walls Could SpeakPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
If You're Happy And You Know ItrlwalkerDADPDF
If On A Quiet SeaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Ihr Kinderlein KommetJeff HansenDADPDF
Ihr Kinderlein kommetCarsten EichentopfDADPDF
In The Bleak Mid WinterRobert SuttonDADPDF | TEF
In The Bleak MidwinterSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
In The Bleak MidwinterButch RossDADPDF
In The GardenAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
In the Good Old Summer TimeMusicOutreachDAD & DAAPDF
In The GroovePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
In The PineSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
In The PinesRobert SuttonDADPDF
In The PinesRobert SuttonDADPDF
In the SmithySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
In the Sweet By & ByeRobert SuttonDADPDF
Indian Drum DancePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Indian PointBen D'OogeDADPDF | Listen! | Listen! | Listen!
Infant Holy, Infant LowlyBurt KahnDADPDF
Infant HolySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Infant Holy Infant LowlyJeff HansenDGDPDF
Inisheer Burt KahnDADPDF
Inisheer (Harmony)Burt KahnDADPDF
Inisheer (Inis Oirr)Ben D'OogeDADPDF | Listen! | Listen!
InspirationPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Irish CabbageBurt KahnDADPDF
Irish SpringPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Is Your All On The AltarAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
It Came Upon the Midnight ClearRuth RandleDF#A (1-3-5)PDF
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (D)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (G)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
It Don't Matter to MeRon ZuckermanDADPDF
It Is Well With My SoulBree BernerDADPDF
It Is Well With My SoulAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
It Rained A MistSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
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J'avais un CamaradeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
J'avaisun Camarade (Fingerpicked)Steve SmithDAD and DADDPDF
Jacob's LadderSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Jai Passe Devant ta PorteJoseph BesseDADPDF
Jam On Gerrys RocksSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
James HardiganPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Jasmine FlowerBurt KahnDADPDF
Jasmine FlowerSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Jealous LoverSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Jerusalem My Happy HomeRobert SuttonDADTEF
Jerusalem My Happy HomeRobert SuttonDADPDF
Jesus Borned in BethleaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Jesus, Jesus Rest Your HeadBurt KahnDADPDF
Jesus Lover of My SoulLaneah MaddoxDADPDF | TEF
Jesus Keep Me Near The CrossJimKDAAPDF | Listen!
Jesus SavesCarl WagonerDADPDF
Jigging With JoeBurt KahnDADPDF
Jim Along JosieSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Jingle BellsrlwalkedDADPDF
Jingle BellsRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Jock O' HazeldeanDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Jock O' Hazeldean (closer to traditional)Dave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Jock O' Hazeldean DAADave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
John BarleycornLynna JacksonDADPDF
John HenryJimKDADPDF | Listen!
John PeelSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Johnny ToddSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Johnson BoysSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Journey's EndPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Johnson's Motor CarSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Jolly Old Saint NicholasRobert SuttonDADPDF
Joy to the WorldRobert SuttonDADPDF
Joy to the WorldJeff HansenDADPDF
Joy To The World (DAA)August ElletsonDAAPDF
Joy UnspeakableAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Joyful Joyful We Adore TheeAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Joys of QuebecRobert SuttonDADPDF
Juba This and Juba ThatSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Jumpin' da BroomPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Jumpin' Joe's Rustlers' Two-StepPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Jumping Jacks and Bunny HopsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
June AppleLora AbellDADPDF
June AppleRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Just a Closer Walk With TheeJak StallingsDADPDF
Just a Closer Walk With TheeJak StallingsDAAPDF
Just a Closer Walk with TheeMerv rowleyDF#A (1-3-5)PDF | Listen!
Just As I AmAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Just A Closer Walk With TheeBurt KahnDADPDF
Just Over in the Glory Landbesh27DAD & DAAPDF
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KalinkaBurt KahnDADPDF
Kate DalrymplerlwalkerDADPDF | Listen!
Kathleen O' MooreSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Katie BairdieRoxie SmithDADPDF
KazachokBurt KahnDADPDF
Keep Loved Ones Near and Never FearPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Keep On The Sunny SideButch RossDADPDF
Keep On The Sunny Side Of LifeBen D'OoogeDADPDF | Listen!
KelvingroveDave HoletonDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Kerfunken JigBurt KahnDADPDF
Keys of HeavenSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Kind MissSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Kind SirSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Kissing CamelsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Kitty MageeRoxie SmithDADPDF
Kneading DoughPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Kneel at the CrossTravis RodgersDADTEF
Kojo No Tsuke (The Moon Over The Ruined Castle)Burt KahnDADPDF
Kum Ba YaSr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
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La CucarachaBurt KahnDADPDF
La Donna E MobileBurt KahnDADPDF
La Donna E Mobile (in G)Burt KahnDADPDF
La BambaEvan OBannonDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
La PalomaMusicOutreachDACPDF
La Valse du CarmelPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Lakes of PontchartrainBurt KahnDADPDF
Lament for KilcashBurt KahnDADPDF
Land of RestPhil MyersDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Lark in the Clear AirBurt KahnDADPDF
Larry O' GaffEvan OBannonDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Lasstuns Froh und Munter seinCarsten EichentopfDADPDF
LauraLaura SageDADPDF
Lavender's BlueSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Lazy Rivers and SunsetsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Le Carillon de VendomeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Leaning on the Everlasting ArmsRobert SuttonDADPDF
Leaving For Places UnknownPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Leaving LuckenbachPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Leaving of LiverpoolBurt KahnDADPDF
Leaving of LiverpoolSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Lee County Two-StepSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Leise rieselt der SchneeCarsten EichentopfDADPDF
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence DmDave HoletonDAC and CGCPDF | Listen!
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence EmDave HoletonDAD and EBDPDF | Listen!
Let Me Call You SweetheartBurt KahnDADPDF
Let Us Break Bread TogetherDavid HootenDADPDF
Let Us Break Bread TogetherCarl WagonerDADPDF
Letter Edged In BlackrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
LibertyRobert SuttonDADPDF
LiebestraumBurt KahnDADPDF
Life's TreasuresPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Life is Like a Mountain RailroadTravis RodgersDAAPDF
Lifed Praises, Lifted HandsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Let Us Break Break TogetherBurt KahnDADPDF
Light O' LoveMusicOutreachDAD & DAAPDF
LilliburleroBurt KahnDADPDF
Lily of the ValleyDavid Hooten DADPDF
Lily of the ValleyRobert SuttonDADPDF
Limerick WaltzSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Lincoln and LibertyrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Line Dance BoogiePaul SykesDAA an dDADPDF | Listen!
Little Bird Little BirdSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Little Bird Little BirdSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Lift Every Voice and SingDavid HootenDADPDF
Little Brown JugCarolyn ArringtonDADPDF | Listen!
Little Dutch GirlSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Little GobbelinSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Little Liza's CabbageBurt KahnDADPDF
Little MosesDave HoletonDADPDF
Little Rosewood CasketBurt KahnDADPDF
Little Rosewood CasketSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Little Sir HughSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Little Tree Toad - El CoquitoSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Liza JaneSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
LlanfairJeff HansenDGDPDF
LlangloffanJeff HansenDGCPDF
Llef (A Cry)Burt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Lo How a Rose E're BloomingRobert SuttonDADPDF | TEF
Lo How A RoseJeff HansenDGDPDF
Lo How A Rose E're BloomingRon ZuckermanDADPDF
Lo How A Rose E're BloomingCarole EhrmanDADPDF | Listen!
Loch LomandBurt KahnDADPDF
Log Cabin WaltzBurt KahnDADPDF
Lona's WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
London Bridge Is Falling DownrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Lonesome CowboySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Longing for GartanPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Long Journey HomeBurt KahnDADPDF
Long Long Ago CGCDave HoletonCGCPDF | Listen!
Long Long Ago CGGDave HoletonCGGPDF | Listen!
Long Long Ago DAADave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
Long Long Ago DADDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Long Long AgoSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Look Mister CuckooSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Lord BatemanJeff HansenDACPDF
Lord I Lift My Soul To TheeAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Lord InchiquinBurt KahnDADPDF
Lord Keep Us Steadfast In Thy WordJeff HansenDADPDF
Lord LovelSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Lord Thomas of WinesberrySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Lord Have You Come To The Lake ShoreRobert SuttonDADPDF
LorenaRon ZuckermanDADPDF TEF
Los Cuatro GeneralesSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Lova Lova LineSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Love Came Down at ChristmasSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Love is LittleSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Love Lifted MeDavid HootenDADPDF
Love RoundRobert StriebelDACPDF
Love's Old Sweet SongRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Lovely MoonSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Lover's CuckooSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Lovers WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Lowe BonnieSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
LullabyBurt KahnDADPDF
Lully LullyCarole EhrmanDADPDF
Lustig ist das ZigeunerlebenJimKDADPDF | Listen!
Lute Concerto In DCarl WagonerDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Lydia PinkhamSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Lynchburg TownSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
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Ma'oz TurSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Madam I Have Gold And SilverSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Madison County JubileeRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Maggots in the Sheep HideKen BeersDADPDF | Listen!
Maggots in the Sheep HideSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Magh AdhairPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Magnolia Blossum WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Magpie's NestSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Mairi's WeddingRoxie SmithDADPDF
Making the GradePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
MallebrokSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Many Thousand GoSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Maori Farewell SongBurt KahnDADPDF
Margaret Ann RobertsonSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Marching Down to CastletownPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Marilla's LessonRobert SuttonDADPDF
Marine HymnDonald OlahDADPDF
Married to a MermaidSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Martin's BluffPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Mary Had A Little LambrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Mary HamiltonSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You (4 parts)Burt KahnDADPDF
May The Road Rise Up To Meet YourlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Maypole DanceSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
McFarland's DaughterPaul SykesDAA and DADPDF | Listen!
Meadow LandBurt KahnDADPDF
MeirionyddJeff HansenDGDPDF
Memories of SpringtimePaul SykesDAAandDADPDF | Listen!
Men of HarlechBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Merrily Kiss the QuakerDennis HarrisDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Merry Widow WaltzBurt KahnDADPDF
Mes ParentsRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Michael Turner's WaltzSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Michael Row The Boat AshorePeter WidenmeyerDADPDF
Midnight FarewellPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Midnight on the WaterDebbie PorterDADPDF
Minstrel BoyRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Minuet In G - JS BackCarl WagonerDADPDF | TEF
Minstrel BoyBurt KahnDADPDF
MirrorsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Miss Leading's MelodyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Miss Mcleods ReelCarl WagonerDADPDF | TEF
Miss ThompsonSteve SmithDADPDF | Listen!
Miss WelchSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Mississippi MoonlightPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Mississippi MoonshinePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Mississippi SawyerRobert SuttonDADPDF
Mississippi SawyerSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Mississippi SawyerMandy TynerDAAPDF
Mississippi TravelerPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Mist Covered MountainsrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Mister RabbitSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Mo Ghile Mear (My Gallant Darling)Burt KahnDADPDF
MoheeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
MoheeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Molly Malone - Cockles and MusselsPeter WidenmeyerDADPDF
Moonlight SerenadePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
MoonshineSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
More About JesusAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
More Pretty Girls Than OneSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Morgen Kinder wirds was gebenCarsten EichentopfDADPDF
Morning Comes EarlySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Morning Has BrokenRon ZuckermanDGDPDF | TEF
Morning Has BrokenSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Morning Mountain MistPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Morning SongRon ZuckermanDADPDF | Listen!
Morning SongSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Mountain DreamsBurt KahnDADPDF
Mountain LaurelPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Mountain Meadows WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Mountain StreamsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Mountains of MourneBurt KahnDADPDF
Mowing the BarleySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Mrs McGrathJames KuderDADPDF | Listen!
Mudbug MarchPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Musica del CorazonPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Muss i dennDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Muss i dennDave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean (Chord Melody)Sue DeckerDADPDF
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean (Fingerpicked Melody)Sue DeckerDADPDF
My Bonnie Lies Over the OceanDingleDADPDF | TEF
My Brave CanoeDwight SuttonDADPDF | Listen!
My Cheatin' Parts - Gray Cat
on a Tennessee Farm -
Cross with Neighbors
My Clinch Mountain HomeIvan BradleyDAAPDF | TEF | Listen!
My Country Tis Of TheeRon ZuckermanDADPDF
My Dream of YouRon ZuckermanDADPDF | Listen!
My Faith Looks Up To TheeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
My Hat It Has Three CornersBurt KahnDADPDF
My Hope Is BuiltDavid HootenDADPDF
My Hope Is BuiltAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
My Jesus I Love TheeAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
My Love Is A RiderSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
My Mind It Is UneasyDave HoletonCGC and DAAPDF | Listen!
My Old Kentucky HomeBurt KahnDADPDF
My PeaceAmy Gavin-ZachekDADPDF
My Shepherd Will Supply My NeedRobert SuttonDADPDF
My Wild Irish RoseBurt KahnDADPDF
MystiquePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
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Natchez Under The HillBen DoogeDADPDF | Listen!
Near The CrossAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Near the Crossbesh27DAD & DAAPDF
Near the Cross (harmony)Robert SuttonDADPDF
Near the Cross (melody)Robert SuttonDADPDF
Nearer My God to TheeBurt KahnDADPDF
Nearer My God to TheeJimKDAAPDF | Listen!
Nearer My God to TheeAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Never Weather-Beaten SailKevin TeagueDADPDF | Listen! | Video
Never Weatherbeaten SailMusicOutreachDAD & DAAPDF
New OrleansBrian BarnesDACPDF | TEF
New River TrainSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
New World Symphony - Largo ThemeBurt KahnDADPDF
New Year's DayBurt KahnDADPDF
New Year's Day with Black-Eyed PeasPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Night DreamsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
NightingaleSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Nine Pound HammerBurt KahnDADPDF
Ninety-nine Year WaltzJoseph BesseDADPDF
Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrikaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
No SirSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
NonesuchBurt KahnDADPDF
Noreen BawnBurt KahnDADPDF
Nothin' But The BloodCarl WagonerDADPDF
Nothing BetweenAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
Nothing But The BloodAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
Now Nature Hangs Her Mantle GreenSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Now Sing We Now RejoiceJeff HansonDGDPDF
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O Beautiful For Spacious Skies (America)JanDADTEF
O Christmas TreerlwalkerDADPDF
O Come All Ye FaithfulRobert SuttonDADPDF
O Come All Ye FaithfulJeff HansenDGDPDF
O Come Little ChildrenSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
O Come O Come EmmanuelJeff HansenDADPDF
O For A Thousand TonguesSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
O For A Thousand Tongues To SingAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
O For a Thousand Tongues to SingLeaneah MaddoxDGDPDF | TEF
O God Beneath Thy Guiding HandSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
O God, Our Help In Ages PastDavid HootenDADPDF
O Holy Night (D)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
O Holy Night (G)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
O Little Town of BethlehemButch RossDF#A(1-3-5)TEF
O Little Town of BethlehemButch RossDADPDF | TEF
O Mio Bambino CaroBurt KahnDADPDF
O Sacred HeadJimKDAAPDF | Listen!
O Sole MioBurt KahnDADPDF
O Store GudAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree)Burt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
O The Deep Deep Love Of JesusAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
O To Be Like TheeAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
O'Carolan's ConcertoEvan OBannonDADDPDF | TEF | Listen!
O'Carolan's Farewell (four string version)Steve SmithDADPDF
Ocean BreezePaul SykesDAAPDF
Ode to Joy (4 parts)Burt KahnDADPDF | Listen! | Harmony | Bass | Counter Melody
Of the Fathers Love BegottenJeff HansenDGDPDF
Off To CaliforniabjbplayerDADPDF
Oft in the Stilly Night (Low)Ivan BradleyDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Oft in the Stilly Night_ High (High)Ivan bradleyDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Oh, Carry Me HomePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Oh Come Oh Come EmanelGWentlandDADPDF | Listen!
Oh ShenandoahBruce FordDADPDF
Oh SusannaBruce FordDADPDF
Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog GonerlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Oh! SusannaRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Oh How Lovely Is The EveningSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Oh My Little Darlin'Ben D'OogeDADPDF | Listen! | Listen!
Oh No JohnSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Old Billy HellButch RossDADPDF
Old Black JoerlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Old Cape CodDavid HootenDADPDF
Old Dan TuckerJimKDAAPDF | Listen!
Old Dog Blue and Kitty Annabella SuePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Old Folks At HomerlwalkerDADPDF | Listen!
Old Joe ClarkSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Old Joe ClarkRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Old Joe ClarkrawalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Old Joe Clark 1Sr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
Old MacDonald Does a JigBurt KahnDADPDF
Old MacDonald Had A FarmrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Old MacDonald Learns to WaltzBurt KahnDADPDF
Old Man and the DoorSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Old Man RiverBurt KahnDADPDF
Old Molly HareSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Old Molly HareSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Old Mountain DewPam DeemerDADPDF | TEF
Old North StateSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Old Rosin the BowPeter WidenmeyerDADPDF
Old Rugged CrossDave HoletonDAAPDF
Old Town BandMary Z. CoxDADPDF
Old WomanSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
OmegaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Omie WiseSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
On a Bridge in Campbell County - HDBrian ThomasDADPDF
On Christmas MorningPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
On The BalticSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
On the Banks of Cairnie BurnAdrian AllanDADPDF | Listen!
On Top of Old SmokeySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
On Top Of Old SmokeyrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
On Top Of SpaghettirlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Once In David's Royal CityBurt KahnDADPDF
Once I Loved a Maiden FairSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Once- Pa'am AchatSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
One Life Together -- The Wedding SongPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
One-Two-Three-Four-Five-SixBurt KahnDADPDF
One More RiverSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
One Starry Night- Traditional Irish Traveller SongBarnes GuglemanDADPDF | Listen!
Only Trust HimDavid HootenDADPDF
Only Trust HimAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
OnwardPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Oot Pik WaltzAugust ElletsonDADPDF
Open My Eyes That I May SeeBurt KahnDADPDF
Oravan Pesä (The Squirrel Nest)Peter WidenmeyerDADPDF
Our God ProvidesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Over In The MeadowSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Over the Hills and Far AwaySylvia WhiteDADPDF | TEF
Over the Hills and Through the TreesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Over the Next HillPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Over the River and through the WoodsRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Oxen SongSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
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Pajalaulu (Finnish folk song)Peter WidenmeyerDADPDF
Pale MoonlightSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Panis AngelicusBurt KahnDADPDF
Pap's Old Billy GoatSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Park AvenueQuintin StephensDADPDF
Parting GlassDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Pass It OnDavid HootenDADPDF
Passionflowers and Apricot VinesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
PastourelleBurt KahnDADPDF
PathwaysPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Patrick SpenserSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Paul's Little HenSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Pavanne d'anleterre (4 parts)Burt KahnDADPDF
Pay Me My Money DownSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Peace In Our Time O LordDavid HootenDADPDF
Peace RoundBurt KahnDADPDF
Peach Blossom WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Peaks and ValleysPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Peltomies (Finnish folk song)Peter WidenmeyerDADPDF
PerfidiaEvan OBannonDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Pibroch's LamentPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Picking Pickled PeppersPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Pigtown FlingCarl WagonerDADPDF
Pink Peppercorns and Rosemary MintPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Pinnacle HeightsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Piper's WaltzBurt KahnDADPDF
Piri-miri-dictum DominiSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Plaisir D' AmourMusicOutreachDAD & DAAPDF
Planxty Fanny PowerBurt KahnDADPDF
Planxty Fanny PowerRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Planxty IrwinRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Poland Will Not Be LostSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Polly Wolly DoodlerlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Polka_Dots_PolkaPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Poor Howards Dead and GoneSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Poor Married ManSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Poor Working GirlSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Poor Wayfaring Stranger (Duet)Burt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Poor Wayfaring StrangerBurt KahnDADPDF
PopcornPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Possum ChasingPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Possum up a Gum StumpRon ZuckermanDADPDF
Prancing PoniesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Precious Lord Take My HandBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Precious Lord Take My Hand (Melody, Harmony, Bass)Burt KahnDADPDF
Precious MemoriesRobert SuttonDADPDF
Prelude aus dem Te DeumBurt KahnDADPDF
Prelude in BmBurt KahnDADPDF
Prince WilliamDwight SuttonDADPDF | Listen!
Promenade WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Psalm 1August ElletsonDAAPDF
Psalm 11August ElletsonDAAPDF
Psalm 23August ElletsonDAAPDF
Pullin' the Cork on the JugPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Pull for the ShoreJak StallingsDGDPDF | TEF
Pumpkinvine CreekPaul SykesDAA and DADPDF | Listen!
Putting On the StyleSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
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Quaker's CourtshipSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Queensland MatildaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
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Ragland RoadRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Ragtime AnnieCarl WagonerDADPDF
Ragtime AnnierlwalkerDADPDF
Railroad BillSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Railroader For MeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
RaindropsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Raising the BarPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Rakes of KildarerlwalkerDADPDF
Rakes of MallowKevin TeagueDADPDF
Rakes of MallowSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
RattlesnakeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Red Haired BoyrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Red Is The RoserlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Red Light SaloonSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Red River ValleyRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Red River ValleySr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
Red River ValleyrlwalkerDADPDF
Red River Valley V2Sr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
Red WingRon ZuckermanDGDPDF | TEF
Red WingRoxie SmithDADPDF
Reel of TullochgorumSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Remember the Days When We Were YoungRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
ReflectionsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Renfro ValleyrlwalkerDADPDF
Reuben RanzoSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Reuben's TrainRobert SuttonDADPDF
RhosymedreJeff HansenDGDPDF
Riding in the Buggy, Miss Marry JaneSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Riding on a Load of HayPhil MyersDADPDF | Listen!
Ring Ring The BanjoSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Road To BostonBurt KahnDADPDF
Road To Boston (Harmony)Burt KahnDADPDF
Road to LisdoonvarnaRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Road to LisdoonvarnaPeggy ErtzDADTEF | Listen!
Road To The IslesrlwalkerDADPDF
Road To The IslesrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Roadkill StewPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Robin Hood And Little JohnSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Rock of AgesBurt KahnDADPDF
Rock of AgesAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Rock of AgesJoseph BesseDADPDF
Rock the Cradle JoeMartha EDADPDF | Listen!
Rock the Cradle JoeMargaret WrightDAD & DAAPDF
Rock the Cradle JoerlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Rock the Cradle JoeRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Rocky Ridge RoadPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Rocky Road To JordanDavid HootenDADPDF
Roll on the GroundSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's ArmsRobert SuttonDADPDF
Rolling Down to Old MauiBurt KahnDADPDF
RomanzeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Root Hog or DieSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Rose of MooncoinBurt KahnDADPDF
Rose of Mooncoin (Harmony)Burt KahnDADPDF
Rose of Sharon WaltzrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Rose of Tralee (D)Burt KahnDADPDF
Rose of Tralee (Harmony)Burt KahnDADPDF
Rose of Tralee (G)Burt KahnDADPDF
Roses In SpringtimePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Rosewood Casket (page1)Robert SuttonDADPDF TEF
Rosewood Casket (page2)Robert SuttonDADPDF
Rosin the BeauRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Rosin the BeauRobert SuttonDADPDF
Round The Bay Of MexicoSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Rousseau's DreamMusicOutreachDAD & DAAPDF
Row Row Row Your BoatrlwalkerPDF
Run MountainSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
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Sagebrush and TumbleweedsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Sailing in the BoatSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sailing in the BoatSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sailor On The SeaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sailor's DelightPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Saint Ann's ReelRobert SuttonDADPDF | TEF
Saint Ann's Reel (page2)Robert SuttonDADPDF
Saint DenioDennis HarrisDGDPDF | Listen|TEF
Saint Patrick's Day in the MorningDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Saint Patrick's Day in the MorningDave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning in GDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Sakura (Cherry Blossom song)Burt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Sallie AnnRobert SuttonDADPDF
Sally AnnSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sally Slapped me with a FlounderJim MillerDADTEF
Sally Let Your Bangs Hang DownSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Salty DogSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
SamanthraTullDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
SamiotisaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
SanctuaryDavid HootenDADPDF
Sandy BoysBen D'OogeDADPDF | Listen! | Listen! | Listen!
Santa Lucia in DPaulDADTEF
Santa Lucia in GDingleDADTEF
SantySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
SaraspondaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Savior Like a Shepherd Lead UsJimKDADPDF
Savior of the Nations ComeJeff HansenDADPDF
Scarborough FairKenHDACPDF
Scarborough Fair (Flatpicking)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Scarborough Fair (Strummed)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Schlof BobeliSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Schneeflckchen WeirckchenCarsten EichentopfDADPDF
Scotland The Brave (Harmony)Burt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Scotland the BraverlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Scottish HeatherPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Scraping Up SandSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
SedaunyBurt KahnDADPDF
Seeking a Higher CallingPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Seis NotasPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Señora SantanaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Semper ParatusBurt KahnDADPDF
Send the LightAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Senora SantanaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Separation of Soul and BodyBurt KahnDADPDF
September LeavesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Serenity WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Servant of God Well DoneDavid HootenDADPDF
Seven Belssing of MarySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Shadows and DustPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Shady Grove (Major Key Version)Butch RossDADPDF
Shady GroveBurt KahnDADPDF
Shady GroveGeorge ShearinDACPDF | Listen!
Shady GroveKathy HowellDADPDF | TEF
Shady GroveJeff HansenDADPDF
Shady GroveDave HoletonDACPDF | Listen!
Shady GroveDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Shall We Gather At The RiverBurt KahnDADPDF
She Hasn't The KnackbjbplayerDADPDF
She Is Far From The LandSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
She Moved Through The FairBrian BarnesDADTEF
She'll Be Coming Round the MountainrlwalkerDADPDF
Sheep Fast AsleepSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sheep May Safely GrazeRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
ShenandoahBurt KahnDADPDF
ShenandoahSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF
Shenendoah (Fingerpicked)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Shenendoah (Strummed)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Shepherd of the Hills--Opus 38 in DPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Shine Calm And Bright, Ye Moonbeams BrightBurt KahnDADPDF
Shine On Harvest MoonMerv RowleyDF#A (1-3-5)PDF | Listen!
Sixes and EightsBurt KahnDADPDF
Shoot The BuffaloSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Shooting Stars by MoonlightPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Shooting the RapidsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Shortnin' BreadrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Shove That Pig's Foot a Little Further into the FirePhil myersDADPDF | Listen!
Show O Lord Thy Blessed FaceDavid HootenDADPDF
Si Bheag Si MohrDonald OlahDADPDF
Silent NightRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Silent NightAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Silent NightMarthe EDADPDF | Listen!
Silent NightrlwalkerDADPDF
Silent NightSharon DayDADPDF | TEF
Silent Night Holy NightJeff HansenDADPDF
Silver and Gold Two-stepSuzanne ShalerDADPDF
Simple GiftsButch RossDADPDF
Simple GiftsAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Simple GiftsRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Simple GiftsSr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
Simplicity WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Sing We Now of ChristmasRon ZuckermanDACPDF | TEF
Sing We Now Of ChristmasDonald OlahDADPDF
Sing Your Way HomeGwen CaeliDADPDF | Listen!
Single-Footin' HorsePhil MyersDADPDF | Listen!
Singing River WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Sir DonkeySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sir Sidney Smith's MarchBen D'OogeDADPDF | Listen!
Skip to My LouSr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
Skipping StonesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Skunk in the Collard PatchPhil myersDADPDF | Listen!
Skye AireBurt KahnDADPDF
Skye Boat SongrlwalkerDADPDF | Listen!
Skye Boat SongDave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
Skye Boat Song (four string version)Steve SmithDADPDF
Skye Boat Song 2Dave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
Skye Boat Song 3Dave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Sleeping Beauty WaltzBurt KahnDADPDF
SlievenamonBurt KahnDADPDF
Sloop John BCarsten EichentopfDADPDF
Sloop John BrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Slumber My DarlingLynna JacksonDADPDF
Smoking Grandma's Corncob PipePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Snouts and Ears of AmericaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Soap and AshesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Softly and TenderlyWalter JohnsonDADPDF | TEF
Softly and Tenderlybesh27DADPDF
Softly and Tenderly, Jesus Is CallingBurt KahnDADPDF
Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is CallingRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Soir Et MatinSteve SmithDADPDF | Listen!
Soldier's JoyrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Soldier's Joy- Specialist's VersiondebyDADPDF
Soldiers JoyRobert SuttonDADPDF
Soltly And Tenderly Jesus Is CallingAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
Sombrero Hat DancePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Some FolksDonald OlahDADPDF
Somebody's Tall And HandsomeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
SomersetPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Song Before ChristmasSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Song of the Wandering Aengusbrashely46DGCPDF
Sonny's MazurkaSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sorghum SyrupSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sosban Fach - The Little SaucepanBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
SouthwindRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
SouthwindSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Spanish HymnBurt KahnDADPDF
Spanish Is The Loving TongueSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Speckled FishSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Splitting RailsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Spotted PonySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
SpringPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Springtime at Merryspring ParkPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Springtime in Middleton WoodsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Squid-Jigging GroundSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Squirrel Corn and Little Brown JugsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Squirrel Heads In GravyButch RossDADPDF
Squirrel HuntersJim MillerDADTEF
St. Anne's WaltzBurt KahnDADPDF
St. DenioJeff HansenDGDPDF
St. Louis Blues
StairstepsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Standing on a Fence PostPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Star of IndiaPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Star of the County DownBurt KahnDADPDF
Star of the County DownRobert SuttonDADPDF
Star of the County Down (Fingerpicked)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Star of the County Down (Strummed)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Star Spangled BannerDave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
StarlightPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Stars All Bright Are BeamingBurt KahnDADPDF
Stars of GloryRon & Phyllis CrosswhiteDADPDF | TEF
Staten Island HormpipeBen D'OogeDADPDF | Listen! | Listen!
Storms are on the OceanSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Streets of LaredoMusicOutreachDAD & DAAPDF
Sugarcane SyrupPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Sugar HillSteve DuFourDADPDF | TEF
Sugar HillSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sugar HillRobert SuttonDADPDF
Sugar Hearts and Maple Snow CandyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Sunflowers and CloverPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Sunny ItalySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sunrise DelightPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Sunshine and RainbowsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Suo GamSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Suo Gan - HarmonyRoxie SmithDADPDF
Suo Gan - MelodyRoxie SmithDADPDF
SuomiSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sussex CarolDonald OlahDADPDF
Sussex Waltz MozartMusicOutreachDADPDF
Suzannah's LamentBurt KahnDADPDF
Svetit Svetel MesyatsSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Swan LakeBurt KahnDADPDF
Sweet Betsy From PikeMJ EthingtonDADPDF
Sweet Betsy From PikeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sweet By and ByDavid HootenDADPDF
Sweet Hour of PrayerDavid HootenDADPDF
Sweet Hour of PrayerBurt KahnDADPDF
Sweet Hour of PrayerSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Sweet Sweet SpiritDavid HootenDADPDF
Sweeter As the Years Go ByGreg PattersonDAAPDF
Swimming at the Fishing HolePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
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Take Me Out To The BallgamerlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Take My HandDavid HootenDADPDF
Take My Life And Let It BeAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Take Time to be HolyWalter JohnsonDADPDF | TEF
Tanz ("Dance")Peter WidenmeyerDADPDF
Tapping the KegPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
TarantellarlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Tell Poor Lou I'm GoneSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Ten Little IndiansrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
TenderfootSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Tennessee WhiskeyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Tenting TonightrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Tex-i-an BoysSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Texas RangersSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
That's an Irish LullabyBurt KahnDADPDF
The AshgroveRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
The Bells of St MarysDavid HootenDADPDF
The Barrels and the BrewPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The Bible Tells Me So (Melody & Bass)David HootenDADPDF
The Birch Tree (3 part round)Burt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
The Black Ball LineSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
The Blackest CrowDan DanielsDADTEF
The Blackest CrowMandy TynerDAAPDF
The Bottle or the Jug (Hammered Dulcimer version)Paul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The Bottle or the JugPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The BulgarianBurt KahnDADPDF
The Caisson SongDonald OlahDADPDF
The Canoe SongJimKDADPDF | Listen!
The Cherry Tree CarolBurt KahnDADPDF
The Churches One FoundationAugust ElletsonDAAPDF | Listen!
The Cornish Wassail SongBurt KahnDADPDF
The Cradle SongDusty ThorburnDADPDF | TEF
The Birdmen of Bognor RegisPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The Bonnie Lassies of BallinaleePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The Dark Side of the MoonPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The Day Thou Gavest Lord Is EndedPeter WidenmeyerDADPDF
The Deacon's DaughterSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
The Devil You SayAndreasDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
The Digger's Songbrashley46PDF
The Famine SongBurt KahnDADPDF
The Farmer's Curst WifeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
The Fiddler Has Played His Last Tune For The NightRobert SuttonDADPDF
The First Noel (with intro)Burt KahnDADPDF
The First NoelRobert SuttonDADPDF
The First NoelRobert SuttonDADPDF
The First NoelJeff HansenDADPDF
The Foggy DewDavid HootenDADPDF
The Four Seasons - SpringBurt KahnDADPDF
The FoxJimKDADPDF | Listen!
The Fox and the HoundsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The Grace of Our Lord, Jesus ChristBurt KahnDADPDF
The HighlandsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The Hound Dawg SongJimKPDF | Listen!
The Irish WasherwomanClayton SamuelsDADPDF
The Isles of MandrakosPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The Keel RowDonald OlalhDADPDF
The King of Love My Shepherd IsJimKDAAPDF
The Ladies of CarrickBurt KahnDADPDF
The Lark In The Clear AirBurt KahnDADPDF
The Lord's My ShepherdJimKDAAPDF | Listen!
The Master Hath ComeAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
The Merry BlacksmithbjbplayerDADPDF
The Milltown JigbjbplayerDADTEF
The Minstrel BoyNeal HellmanDADPDF
The Morning and Evening StarPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The Old Cabin FeatherbedPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The Old Rugged CrossBurt KahnDADPDF
The Old Rugged Cross (in G)Burt KahnDADPDF
The Old Rugged CrossMerv Rowley & Suzanne CamplingDF#A (1-3-5)PDF | TEF | Listen!
The Old Rugged CrossRon ZuckermanDADPDF TEF
The Old Woman and the Little PigSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
The Parting GlassBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
The Riddle SongKenHDADImage(1)
The Road to GundagaiJimKDADPDF | Listen!
The SwanBurt KahnDADPDF
The Turtle DoveJimKDADPDF | Listen!
The Twelve Days of ChristmasDonald OlahDADPDF
The Twelve Days of ChristmasRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
The Unclouded DayRobert SuttonDADPDF
The Vicar of BraySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
The Virginia Girl's WaltzPaul SykesDAAandDADPDF | Listen!
The Water is WideBurt KahnDADPDF
The Water is WideRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
The Wearing of the GreenBurt KahnDADPDF
The WellermanBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
The Wexford CarolBurt KahnDADPDF
The Wild RoverDavid HootenDADPDF
There Be DragonsBurt KahnDADPDF
There Be Dragons (G)Burt KahnDADPDF
There Is A FountainDavid HootenDADPDF
There Is Power in the BloodGreg PattersonDGDPDF
There's a Long Long TrailMusicOutreachDAD & DAAPDF
There's a Long trailMusicOutreachDAAPDF
There's No Disappointment in HeavenGreg PattersonDAAPDF
These Things Shall BeSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
This Is My Fathers WorldSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
This is My Fathers WorldJimKDADPDF | Listen!
This Lady She Wears a Dark Green ShawlSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
This Little Light of MineDavid HootenDADPDF
This Old ManrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
This Old ManMandy TynerDADJPG
Through All The World BelowJimKDADPDF | Listen!
Tick Tock Cuckoo ClockPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Toad Suck PondPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
To God Be The GloryBurt KahnDADPDF
To God Be The GloryAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
To Market--or I've had my fill of COVID 19Paul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
The Wings of A DoveDavid HootenDADPDF
TommySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Toot toot toosieMusicOutreachDAD & DAAPDF
Trails and Dusty RoadsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Tramp Tramp TrampDave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
Tramp Tramp Tramp Dave HoletonDADPDF | Listen!
Tramp Tramp TrampDonald OlahDADPDF
Trepak from Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Tripping up the StairsEvan OBannonDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
TroikaBurt KahnDADPDF
Trust And ObeyDavid HootenDADPDF
Trust And ObeyAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
Tu Scendi Dalle StelleSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
TumbalalaikaBurt KahnDADPDF
Tune 6AndreasDAD & DAAPDF | TEF | Listen!
Tune 9AndreasDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Turkey In The StrawBurt KahnDADPDF
Turtle DoveSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Twas The Night Before ChristmasPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Twiddle Diddle DumPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
TwilightPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Two English CarolsRobert SuttonDADPDF
Two SistersSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Two Steps Forward, One Step BackPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
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Ukranian National AnthemBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Ulster BlossomSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Un Kilomè treà PiedSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Uncle JoeJimKDAAPDF | Listen!
Uncle Joe's Corncob PipePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Under the Double Eagle- BackupTull GlazenerDADPDF | TEF
Under the Double Eagle- HarmonyTullDADTEF | Listen!
Under the Double Eagle- MelodyTullDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Under the Double Eagle- Melody and HarmonyTullDADTEF | Listen!
Union TrainSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Unquiet GraveSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Unto Us A Boy Was BornSteve SmithDAD & DAAListen!
Up on the House TopRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
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Vacant ChairrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Vacant Chair - Historical versionrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Valse FrontenacBurt KahnDADPDF
VenezuelaJimKDADPDF | Listen!
Vicar of BraySteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Vive La CompagnieBurt KahnDADPDF
Volga BoatmenBurt KahnDADPDF
Volte Renassance DanceDingleDADPDF
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Wabash CannonballrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Wait for the WagonPam DeemerDADPDF | TEF
Waking To A New DayPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Walk Along JohnSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Walkin' In The ParlorSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Walkabout CreekPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Walking In SunshinePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Waltz Of The Little GirlsNeal HellmanDADPDF
Waltzing MatildaPeter WidenmeyerDADPDF
Waltzing on CloudsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Walz Of The PalmsDavid HootenDADPDF
Waltzing Through the PinesPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Wanderin'Steve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Warm Summer NightsPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Wassail SongBurt KahnDADPDF
Water Is WideSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
WaterboundSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Wayfarin StrangerRobert SuttonDADPDF
Wayfaring StrangerBlake ThorntonDADPDF
Wayfaring StrangerRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
We're Marching To ZionDavid HootenDADPDF
We Are Climbing Jacob's LadderDavid HootenDADPDF
We Are Going Down The ValleyDavid HootenDADPDF
We Gather TogetherBurt KahnDADPDF
We Gather TogetherRuth RandleDF#A(1-3-5)PDF | TEF
We Gather Togetherbesh27DADPDF
We RockSr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
We Wish You A Merry ChristmasBurt KahnDADPDF
We Wish You a Merry ChristmasRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Wedding MarchBurt KahnDADPDF
Wedding March (in G)Burt KahnDADPDF
Weeping Willow WaltzRon ZuckermanCGCPDF | TEF
Westminster ChimesBen D'OogeDADPDF | Listen!
Westphalia WaltzRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Whaling Off NewfoundlandPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
What A Friend We Have In JesusBurt KahnDADPDF
What a Friend We Have in JesusRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
What A Friend We Have In JesusrlwalkerDADPDF
What A Wonderful SaviorAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
What Child is ThisRobert SuttonDADPDF
What Child is ThisSam & Rhoda GreeneDADPDF | TEF
What Child is ThisBlake ThorntonDADPDF
What Child is This?Ron ZuckermanDACPDF | TEF
What Did You Have For Your Supper?Steve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
What Grace Oh Lord And Beauty ShoneSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
What If A DayMusicOutreachDACPDF
What Wondrous LoveRobert SuttonDADPDF
What Wondrous Love Is ThisBurt KahnDADPDF
What's Little Babies Made OfSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Wheat and BarleyPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
WheelsRobert SuttonDADPDF
When A Coon Skin Cap Has Lost Its TailPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
When Christmas Morn is DawningSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
When He ComethSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
When I Can Read My Title ClearRobert SuttonDADPDF
When I Survey the Wondrous CrossAugust ElletsonDAAPDF
When I Survey the Wondrous CrossTravis RodgersDADTEF
When I Was In My PrimeDave HoletonCGCPDF | Listen!
When I Was In My PrimeDave HoletonDAGPDF | Listen!
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (With Intro)Burt KahnDADPDF
When Jesus WeptRobert SuttonDADPDF
When Johnny Come Marching HomeDave HoletonEBA and DADPDF | Listen!
When Johnny Comes Marching HomerlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
When the Cows Come HomePaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
When the Saints Go Marching inRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
When the Saints Go Marching InSr. Margaret MaryDADPDF
When They Ring The Golden BellsKevin TeagueDADPDF | Listen!
When You And I Were Young, MaggieKevin TeagueDADPDF | Listen!
When You Go A-CourtinSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
When You Wore A TulipMerv RowleyDF#A(1-3-5)PDF | Listen!
Wherever He Leads I'll GoDavid HootenDADPDF
Whippoorwill WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Wishful ThinkingPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Whiskey Before BreakfastSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Whiskey Before BreakfastMarthe EDADPDF | Listen!
Whiskey Before Breakfast- Arabic Maqsum RhythmAndreasDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Whispering HopeBurt KahnDADPDF
Whispering HopeDavid HootenDADPDF
Whispering HopeRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Whispering HopeDingleDADTEF
Whispering Pines WaltzPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
White Cliffs of DoverBurt KahnDADPDF
White CockadeJohn KiselaDADImage(2)
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot?Steve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Why I Love You a.k.a. Tell Me WhyDave HoletonDAAPDF | Listen!
Wild Mountain ThymeSheila StrongDADPDF | TEF
Wild Mountain ThymerlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Wild Mountain ThymeSarah MorganDADPDF
Wild RoverRenah PalmerDAAPDF
Wild Turkey MarchPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
Wildwood FlowerButch RossDADPDF
Wildwood FlowerSteve SmithDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Wildwood FlowerRon ZuckermanDGDPDF | TEF
Will The Circle Be UnbrokenButch RossDADPDF
Will the Circle Be UnbrokenRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go (Meldoy)Sue DeckerDADPDF
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go (Chord Melody)Sue DeckerDADPDF
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go (Fingerpicked)Sue DeckerDADPDF
Will Ye No Come Back AgainrlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
William TaylorSteve SmtihDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Willie O' WinsburySteve SmtihDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Willow TreeSteve SmtihDAD & DAAPDF
Winter It Is PastSteve SmtihDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Wish I Was In TennesseeSteve SmtihDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Wonderful Words of LifeRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
Wondrous LoveSteve SmtihDAAPDF | Listen!
Wondrous LoveSteve SmtihDADPDF | Listen!
Woodpecker Chasing a LizardRon ZuckermanCGCPDF | TEF
Words UnspokenPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
World Turned Upside DownrlwalkerDADPDF
Wreck of the Old 97rlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF
Wu Ya Wu Ya - Song of the CrowSteve SmtihDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
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Xylophones and MarimbulasPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
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Yankee DoodleBurt KahnDADPDF
Yankee DoodleMandy TynerDADPDF
Yankee DoodlerlwalkerDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Ye Sons of Men Oh HearkenJeff HansenDADPDF
Yellow Rose of Texas in DDingleDADPDF | TEF
Yellow Rose of Texas in GDingleDADPDF | TEF
Yesterday's TomorrowPaul SykesDAAPDF | Listen!
YigdalBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
Yonder Rolls the WavesPaul SykesDAA and DADPDF | Listen!
You Are My Sunshine - Jazzy VersionBurt KahnDADPDF | Listen!
You Dont Want To Love MeSteve SmtihDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
You Raise Me UpDavid HootenDADPDF
You're a Grand Old FlagRon ZuckermanDADPDF | TEF | Listen!
You're the Flower of My Heart Sweet AdelineMerv RowleyDF#A (1-3-5)PDF | Listen!
Young CharlotteSteve SmtihDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Young Prince Of SpainSteve SmtihDAD & DAAPDF | Listen!
Your Love is the Greatest Gift of All (Dulcimer 1)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF
Your Love is the Greatest Gift of All (Dulcimer2)Ron ZuckermanDADPDF
Zum Gali GaliBurt KahnDADPDF